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David Edgin  -  Author Of The New Natural Alphabet With Midnight 3

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Video Book 1's Music Won 2 Awards At The World Peace Film And Music Festival 2008 !


Gardener / Author - Artist - Musician / Former Bus Driver And Field Service Engineer

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Midnight ( Dog Author )  My Best Friend

Midnight Too, May 2005


Midnight Too's And David's Regular Dog Educational Blog


Wednesday February 18, 2012  Midnight Too Died At 7 Years Due To Complications From Distemper.


Tuesday February 28, 2012  I Got A New Webcam Email To My Friends

Midnight Too, Too (3) February 21st, 2012

More about Midnight 2 and Midnight 3 From Midnight 3's ( Dog Author ) And David Edgin's Regular Dog Educational Blog - Especially For Girls (Like Midnight)

Pets - June 09

First for our pets, I'd like for you to know that I have been telling dog owners I see who are walking their dogs, that after 18 years of experience, I realized that walking dogs on pavement and sidewalks causes them to have sore feet most of their lives, and can cause them to be somewhat crippled as they get older.  Midnight Too and I walk on grass mostly and play ball inside.

Hot and cold temperatures can also hurt cats and dogs feet since they live indoors, so I feel the pavement on hot days and stay home on cold days.  If you watch dogs walking on the unnaturally hard surfaces, you may see what I noticed.  It hurts.

The first Midnight in her teens after having sore feet her whole life, without my knowing it.

Midnight Too, May 2005


Wednesday February 18, 2012  Midnight Too Died At 7 Years Due To Complications From Distemper.  A sad goodbye the night before she died - WMV 0:03

I Got A New Webcam Email To My Friends

Subject:  Midnight Too, Too (3)

Dear Anita, Larissa, Deepi and Pasha, Midnight Too had distemper and I was going to have her put to sleep because she was having so much trouble breathing after being pretty healthy right up to the last few days, but she died right after she was given a sedative at the Vet, before she was given a fatal injection, which wasn't necessary.  So, I almost died until she told me to come to the animal shelter and adopt her in so many words about an hour or two later. I am going to write some more about the experience and distemper in dogs later that we’ll share with you. She is really relieved to be younger (about 3 I think) and really healthy again.  The pup she ended up in was a stray and really appreciates our love physically, but turned into the same soul as Midnight Too, right after she died sort of. If I look sort of dead too, it may be because of the –2 C  low and the spring pollen is coming on strong. Video 2 is going to be great language and math wise, I think. Maybe I’ll send you what I have by the end of the summer. I plan to dedicate it to you the four of you and Midnight Too.

Lots of love, David and Midnight Too, Too

Midnight Too, Too (3)


More about Midnight 2 and Midnight 3 (Reincarnation Expert) later...

Another email to my friends and a Petco Employee named Curtis in North Dallas, TX   July 23, 2012 where Midnight and I are living with my sister Donna for a while, since my Mom passed away a month ago and we are here to help her and us through the change.

Subject: Fw: Wisdom Panel DNA Test Results for Midnight 3 - With the last part that was lost on the first version

 My friend Deepi in India let me know he couldn’t open the files, so I tried to fix that and decided to resend it to all of you in case you had the same problem and wanted to see the files.

Here is a link to the DNA Test PDF file 3000306394-DNA-Report.pdf

Sorry for all the confusion, but when I cut and paste from my website, the new Windows 7 email program drops some of the info sometimes when I send or save an email.

 I also attached a short video of Midnight Too, the night before she died/reincarnated sitting up which she had to do to keep breathing. I helped her stand all night and then took her to the vet first thing in the morning since she almost died a couple of times in the night. Right after she relaxed from a sedative, she stopped breathing and start playing around mentally at the vets office, like she had when Midnight 1 died in my arms. When my Mom died about a month ago, she feel really relieved too, and has made good vides continuously since then pretty much from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where she works in the big hospital’s laundry as the boss who had the other half of her soul, I think. I had been mentally talking her other half for a year or so, and the whole thing ended up making electromagnetic sense to my magnetic field way of understanding our spirituality.

 Interesting note: after having distemper for a couple of years and snapping at me daily, I let her bite me for the first time the last day through my shirt without tearing the shirt or breaking my skin, but I had 10 (I think it was) little tooth bruises that lasted for a while, which made me feel really good for some reason. Usually after having a ferocious seizure for few seconds, she would come over to me and let me know how much she loved me a few seconds or minutes later, and say mentally she was sorry she got so mad, but she just couldn’t help doing it, sometimes. Sure did teach me a lot about love and the new version licks my face every time she comes up to me, she is so appreciative that I was able to help her when she was homeless and reminds me is the same little Miss Woolfie, she always was spiritually speaking, so I won’t feel badly about Midnight 2 at so young an age.

Here in Texas, she has what she always wanted in Seattle, which is a perfect dog friend named Sammy who is my sister’s rescued German Shorthair Bird Dog.  He is really nice to her all of the time and they play together without any aggression and a lot of friendship and love.

 Thanks for letting me know about the file problem. Let me know if you have any more problems.




     A Note About My Sculpted And Graphically Shaped Text Art (Best Viewed With Medium Text Size In Internet Explorer):  One Day While Working On The New Science Page, I Accidentally Had Two Lines Of Text Rounded Some Into A Curve Shape And Tried Making The One In Between Match The Curve Of The Other Two Text Lines That Were Centered On The Page.  About A Year Later Today, I Worked An Hour Or Two Changing The Font Size In The Spaces Between The Words To Make The Lines Do What I Wanted Them To Do, Plus I Used Several Other Methods Of Editing Words And Changing Things Around To Make The Curves Of The Sculptured Text Smoother.

    My Main Goal In Making The Text Shapes Was To Give Early Learners Something To Be Interested In Visually, While Their Parents Were Reading And Learning About "The New Alphabet".  I Hope That My Capitalizing The First Letter Of Each Word And The Sculptured Text Doesn't Distract You.  Also, I Used The "Table" Tool In My Version Of Front Page To Recess The Type In The Borders, And In The Other Places Where I Use That Effect.

Although two people in 20 years have mentioned that capitalizing each word bothered them, I decided to stay with all capitals to help new readers (who may only know the upper case letters) recognize the first letter in each word which can help them learn to read some of the words.  I wrote this paragraph in upper and lower case, to show the difference in appearance.  Personally, I have learned to like the first style better visually, especially where I have sculpted the text.



    I Began To Understand "The New Alphabet" In 1980, While My Son Was First Learning To Communicate With Me.  Our Book Explains That Human Infants Have Created The Same Natural Sounds That Did, Throughout History.  Then I Carefully Show How The Modern English Alphabet Developed From Those Basic Human Sounds, Letter By Letter In Over 500 Everyday Words To Help Teachers, Parents And Children Build A Better Communication Bond.  In Part 2 Of "The New Alphabet", I Use My Electrical Background To Explain The Emotional Energy That We Communicate With As A Simple New Electromagnetic Science, Which Most Humans Can Easily Learn To Use To Help Us Create A Healthy Peaceful Planet.

    As You Learn More About These Discoveries, I Think You Will Find That They Show Us A New Way To Teach Children About The Alphabet And Their Emotions, Which Will Help Them Learn To Communicate With Us More Easily And More Clearly.  We Hope Those Readers Who Know More Than One Language Will Soon Be Able To Prove To Themselves And To Others That All Human Languages Began In A Similar Manner And Are Really One Language Spoken And Written In Many Different Ways.

  David Edgin – Author Of "The New Alphabet"  


One Energy, One Language And One Race Of Many Colors


 Photos From Space Are Courtesy Of NASA  -  Thank You !


Electrical, Mechanical, Pneumatic And Hydraulic Applied Science Experience

Summary of Qualifications_________________

15+ years combined Electro-mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic training and experience:

8+ years combined industrial problem solving experience in Pumps and Control Systems

5 years of industrial controls training and service work experience

3 years military controls training and work experience


DC Drives: / Industrial Controls Systems:

Application programming / Troubleshooting / Repairs

Alignment and calibration to external signals / 480 volt distribution

Pneumatic controls / PLC’s / Servo systems

Circuit board repair to component level / Pump systems

Factory authorized by 14 AC and DC motor drive manufacturers / UPS systems

Mechanical drive applications / Energy conservation

Education and Training____________________

Gun and Missile Fire Control - US Navy 1963-67

North Seattle Community College - A.A.S. in Energy and Process Control w/ Awards - 1990

Analog and digital electronics / AutoCAD

480 volt power distribution / Pneumatic and Hydraulic Fluid power 

PLC’s applications / AC - DC drives and motors

Leadership Training: US Navy / Laidlaw Transit

Manufacturer’s training:

Electric Drives:                                                                  

Avtron / Digital DC Drives / Mar. 1991

Fenner / M-Series Modules / Aug. 1991

Saftronics / Digital AC Drives / Sep.. 1991

Emerson / Analog AC Drives to 150 HP / Mar. 1992

Emerson / AC Drives (to 1,400 HP) / Mar. 1992

Ross Hill / SCR Controls to 6000 HP Apr. 1992

ACSYS / Flux Vector Servo Drives / Aug. 1992

Baldor-Sweo / Drives and Soft Starts / Feb. 1993

Graham / VFD's for HVAC / April 1994

Pumps and Mixers:

Metering Pumps - Bran & Lubbe / Sept. 1995

Multi-stage Centrifugals / HVAC - Grundfos / Nov. 1995

Centrifugals - Berkeley / Feb. 1996

Progressing Cavity Pumps - Moyno / May 1996

Mixers - Chemineer / 1998

    As You Can See, I Have Had Training And Experience With Electrical, Mechanical, Pneumatic And Hydraulic Equipment.

    Using My Technical Background And Also My Experience As A Private Guitar Teacher, I Have Learned To Successfully Share My Discoveries About Our Electro-mechanical, Pneumatic And Hydraulic Universe With My Friends.

  David Edgin – Author Of "The New Alphabet"



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