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The Alphabet Yogis From "The Magician"  In The *Lotus Position


    Welcome to "Pablo's And Ginger's Art Gallery" (named in Ginger Rogers' and Pablo Picasso's honor for their inspiration in Part 2 of the original teacher's version of The New Alphabet).  It was created in about 2004 from the original alphabet and science art created with CorelDRAW between approximately 1994 and 2004, mostly for the original version of "The New Alphabet".  We think viewing our art  is the quickest way to begin to understand the new communication concept's explained in "The New Alphabet".  The Favorite Words Gallery is the best choice if you want to understand what you will learn about the alphabet and our words in The New Alphabet K-12 InterActive Reading And Vocabulary Improvement PDF Ebook.

    The Alphabet Yogi's bodies show a possible direct relationship between the pure vowel sounds and five of the emotional centers that the Yogi's call Chakras.  This artwork may be the first artwork in history to show this relationship.

*  Although the Lotus position is highly regarded by most Yoga exercisers and meditators, it stops most of the blood flow through the lower body which can affect oxygenation of the skin, muscles, and bones in the legs and feet, plus it may cause the central nervous system and cardio-vascular system to be confused as the blood flow is reduced.

    Due to the lack of turbulence caused by the normal pulsating circulation of our blood, solids (calcium, magnesium, and zinc, etc.) may fall out of suspension and settle to the bottom of the veins and arteries, while oils (including saturated fats) may float to the top of the veins and arteries.  This repeated blockage of blood flow for significant lengths of time, may contribute to poor circulation in the feet and legs as the unmixed solids and oils enter the capillaries together when you stop using the Lotus position, and over time might eventually lead to a stroke or heart attack, if any of the accumulating congestion in the veins comes loose and clogs the circulation in the heart or brain.

    I have stopped using this position for more than a few minutes, when I am stretching my lower back. 

    So, I am not recommending the Lotus position with my alphabet yogis artwork, although I do want to give the Yogis credit for their ideas about sound which helped me understand how our alphabet and words were created. David Edgin Yoga (38 years) and Former Hydraulic Sales Engineer


Main Gallery Viewing Choices

 Some Of The Most Historically Significant Art


    "The Alphabet" is part of the first artwork in history to show the relationship between our bodies and the letter's shapes.  This is a second version of this art which I call The "Yogi Bones" version.

   "THE MAGICIAN" calls our attention to an electromagnetic relationship between the Solar system, the Atom, and the Astral world which is clearly explained in Part 2 "The Magician" (in the original version of "The New Alphabet").

    It also shows the probable geometric origin of circles, spheres, squares, cubes, triangles, pyramids, and all other shapes as explained in Part 1 "The Alphabet", Chapter 5 "The Other Symbols", "Circles, Squares, and Triangles".  This artwork evolved from the drawing at the end of Chapter 5.

    The Alphabet Yogi's bodies show a possible direct relationship between the pure vowel sounds and five of the emotional centers the Yogis call Chakras.  This artwork may be the first artwork in history to show this relationship.

    It also symbolizes the spiritual (electromagnetic) and physical relationship between man and woman, and the creatures of the air, the land, and the sea, with the golden mountains in the distance representing the plant world.

   "The Alphabet People" is the first artwork in history to show the relationship between our bodies and both the upper and lower case letter shapes.  The original drawings of "The Alphabet People" used dark brown bodies and lighter colored radiant fill faces, because I felt that most of the people who were creating words originally probably had brown skin and the lighter colored faces made it easier to show facial expressions.  Also, this seemed to me to be more universal people wise.  This later version shows a further attempt to give all people credit for creating and using our language, by showing several racial types.  You can click here to see another version of "The Alphabet People" entitled "The New Alphabet" which was created for "The New Alphabet" Ebook and website.  

    "The Body And Our Letters" is taken from Part 1 "The Alphabet", Chapter 7 "The Alphabet Workbook".  It is an example for an exercise in remembering the origin of all 26 letter shapes, and is probably the first such exercise in history.  My awareness of Pablo Picasso's soul and his artwork as explained in Part 2 - "The Magician" influenced this drawing.

    This may be the only drawing of the Astral Web (spiritual electromagnetic matrix) ever created and documented with a clear explanation of it's energy. It is taken from "The New Alphabet", Part 2 - "The Magician".  Because of the light colors and fine lines used in this drawing (to make it possible to shift the eye's attention back and forth between the blue and white electromagnetic structure and the golden names of my closest electromagnetic relatives, it is difficult to reproduce clearly on the internet.  However, the actual prints are very clear, subtle, and beautiful representations of a single cell of the astral web's structure as described in "The New Alphabet", Part 2 "The Magician".

    Note:  This arrangement of people from the original version of "The New Alphabet" changed significantly in December 2011, and it may take a while for me to figure out this new arrangement with different people moving close to me, including Midnight who may now be right next to me electromagnetically.



Main Gallery

   Some Of The Most Historically Significant Art

Favorite Words Gallery

  Some Of Our Favorite Words From The Book

Favorite Words - Chapter 2







New Art Gallery

Art Mostly Created After The Book Art Was Completed


You, Me And We From Video Book 2 - The Keywords & The Math Song - Coming In 2017

( You Can Click The Drawing Below To See All Of The New Keyword Art )


Me, We And You From Video Book 1 WMV 9.20 MB / 2:44 Workbook 1 Version



Improving The View

If Possible, Close All Of Your Other Programs So The Art Will Load More Quickly.

In Internet Explorer, You Can Chose "View",  Then "Zoom" And Then Select A Percentage For A Closer View Of The Art.


A Natural Cure For Online Art Gallery Computer Mouse Bite

Here Are Two Simple Computer Mouse Techniques, That Naturally Reduce Hand, Wrist, Neck And Back Tension And Pain.
    When Using Your Mouse, Lay Your Hand On The Mouse Without Gripping It, And Keep The Hand And Your Fingers Extended And Relaxed As You Click And Scroll.  Touching The Mouse Pad With The Relaxed Thumb And Non-Clicking Fingers Is Okay.  Remember To Relax Your Hand Each Time You Notice That You Are Gripping The Mouse.
    When You Are Not Using Your Mouse (Like When You Are Reading Or Waiting On A Page To Open), Let Go Of The Mouse And Roll Your Hand And Wrist To A More Natural Position (Like When You Walk Or Shake Hands). Then, Relax Your Hands, Wrists, Arms, Neck And Back. If You Have Enough Time, Stand Up For About 10 Seconds To Help The Circulation To Your Legs And Feet And  While You Are Standing, Stretch Your Fingers And Hands As You Walk In Place For A Few Seconds To Help The Blood Circulate Through You Legs And Feet While You Are Stretching (Sometimes I Can Keep Working While I Am Doing This).  Then Sit Down And Relax Completely Again.  Then Get Back To Work.  Doing This Routine Regularly Should Help You Work Longer, Too.
    I'm Making These My New Computer Use Habits, And I Am Also Applying The Basic Ideas To How I Can Safely Hold My Hands While I Am Driving.  Also, I Usually Take About 1 Tablespoon Of Vegetable Oil A Day To Lubricate My Muscles And Joints, Which After A Few Days Helps Relieve Pain Due To Less Friction In The Sore Muscles And Joints.  It Really Works. 

Computer Teachers Might Like To Know About These Ideas, So Their Students Can Give Them A Try.




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